About Us


Transforming your reality into a leading digital experience

We consider ourselves to be a boutique solutions provider, assisting you where Technology and Marketing come together. To often have we witnessed small and medium sized businesses getting lost in the shuffle with large agencies. We believe taking an agile approach incrementally grows your business and protects your investment.

Our mission is to provide you with a scalable and reliable infrastructure, captivating designs that work and a leading digital marketing strategy. We can assist you in all aspects of your business, and help you create efficiencies in the darkest corners of your business. We also provide services and solutions in client and/or employee portal solutions, project management tools and workflow, and every day office templates and productivity solutions.

At A.P.E. Solutions, we believe everyone should benefit from the best technology has to offer, at an affordable rate, and not because we must follow industry standards. Let us help you think outside of the box. Our sense of ingenuity and commitment as a team goes back 10-years solving large and complex problems, so that operators can focus on providing excellence within their practice.
Our unique business plan allows us to focus on each customer exclusively providing you with the best course of action, and with the highest expectation of providing you with an impactful digital experience. We apply agile principles, a learning-based methodology, which allows us to build continuous improvement into your digital and operational experiences.

Give us a call or email if you want to learn more. We'll also provide you with a rough estimate and action plan.